The Royal Mint is releasing limited edition James Bond-themed gold and silver bars - here’s where to get them

The bullion bars are available in one ounce or 10 ounce sizes (Photo: Royal Mint)
The bullion bars are available in one ounce or 10 ounce sizes (Photo: Royal Mint)

The Royal Mint has launched the world’s first James Bond gold and silver bullion bars in honour of the popular films.

The 007 emblem is featured at the centre of the bars, while the background displays the titles of films in the series, including the hotly anticipated release, No Time To Die.

The upcoming film was originally scheduled for release in April this year, but has since been postponed twice due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The film is now due for release on 2 April 2021.

Gold and silver bars


The bullion bars are available in one ounce or 10 ounce sizes, with both gold and silver versions of each up for grabs.

Only a limited number of the precious metal bars are available and they are priced in line with the fluctuating prices of silver and gold, meaning they could range in price from around £30 for the one ounce silver bar, up to as much as £1,600 for the gold one ounce bar.

The gold bars are the most rare, with only 5,000 available, while just 6,000 of the 10 ounce silver bars are on sale.

The one ounce silver bar should be the easiest to track down, with 70,000 in existence.


Final coin in the series

The launch of the bullion bars follows on from the Royal Mint’s commemorative 007 coin range, which launched earlier this year, featuring three coins celebrating the iconic film series.

The unique collection includes coins featuring an Aston Martin DB5, James Bond’s famous tuxedo, and the ‘Wet Nellie’ submarine. When placed next to each other, the three coins reveal the famous 007 motif, while special editions of the coins also feature micro text which contains a hidden message.

The special edition two ounce silver and gold coins feature micro text of the first 24 film titles, which, when viewed with a magnifying glass, appears bold and raised, revealing the name of the 25th film, No Time To Die.


The three coins are available in several editions, including a Brilliant Uncirculated version, priced at £13 per coin, to precious metal versions in silver and gold.

The two ounce silver proof three coin series is priced at £235 per coin, while a ‘shaken not stirred’ one ounce gold proof coin (which is limited to just a run of just 350) is priced at £2,480,000.

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