24/7 gym could be coming to Kenilworth

The gym could operate on the first floor of this building if it opensThe gym could operate on the first floor of this building if it opens
The gym could operate on the first floor of this building if it opens
A new 24-hour gym could be opened in Talisman square, creating eight permanent jobs in the town.

Plans to open a branch of national gym company Anytime Fitness above 12 to 17 Talisman Square have been submitted to Warwick District Council.

If approved, the gym would operate above some already established businesses, and would be open all day, every day. The height of the roof would also be raised by 90cm.

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Warwick District Council officers recommend the plan is approved, and said the gym “would not cause undue disturbance to neighbouring residential or commercial units.”

The plans have proved to be controversial among Kenilworth residents and businesses.

Philip Sylvester, who owns Sylvesters the Jewellers in the square, said: “I am extremely concerned about the noise levels that will permeate through the floor of unit 16, which has been Sylvesters the Jewellers for the last 51 years.

“The upstairs of this unit is workshop and office and the sideways noise pollution is also of concern.”

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And the owner of Curves Kenilworth, Denise Francis, was worried about potential security issues the gym might create.

She said: “The plan shows direct access through a fire exit to the first floor landing of 11 Talisman House, making businesses in this part of the premise more vulnerable to break-ins.

“This area is currently only accessible via a security door with an access code and buzzer system.

“My understanding is these 24 hour gyms are unmanned for much of the time, particularly at night, and I believe this to be a security risk.”

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Other issues raised by objectors included parking provision and the perceived lack of support for smaller businesses.

However, a supporter of the plans who wished to remain anonymous said: “It will bring a purpose to the office space that has been vacant for many years and hopefully bring increased employment to the area. There’s plenty of parking at Abbey End and at Waitrose so I wouldn’t anticipate this being an issue.”

Kenilworth Town Council has yet to comment on the plans.