Angry note left on health worker's car windscreen while she tended to terminally ill patient in Leamington

The note left on the health support worker's car windscreen.The note left on the health support worker's car windscreen.
The note left on the health support worker's car windscreen.
A health support worker who was visiting a terminally ill patient at their home in Leamington during the '˜Beast from the East' severe weather earlier this month received an angry note in her car windscreen for her troubles.

The support worker, who was giving palliative care to the patient had spoken to a man who lived at the address outside which she had parked to make sure it was OK.

It was the safest and closest place she could park in the area which was “like an Ice rink” at the time and she said it was not marked as being allocated to any property.

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But when she colleague returned to her vehicle about 30 minutes later to find the angry note (pictured above) from his wife asking them to not park in the spot again.

The support worker, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “I parked outside someone’s house in order to be safe.

“It makes you mad and sad that when you’re trying to make someone’s final journey a comfortable one that there are still people that think they have the right to say where emergency services and other community nurses should park when they are trying to stay safe as well as doing their job and save lives.”

Last month, 26-year-old Kirsty Sharman of Stoke was fined £120 after she left an angry note on the window of an ambulance to complain about where it was parked while the crew were attending to a 999 call.

Magistrate Christopher Rushton told her: “This was an absolutely despicable incident.”

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