Are you related to ‘fearless’ soldier Captain Simms?

A SERVING soldier who is interested in military history is keen to trace the family of a war hero who had ties to Warwickshire.

Danny Burt, a sergeant in the Royal Artillery who is based in Wiltshire, is researching the history of Captain Frank Simms, also known as Frances Crofton Simms, who served as patrol commander for Y1 Long Range Desert Group, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment, during the Second World War.

Sgt Burt, who collects and restores military equipment and vehicles through the Garrison Collections charity, wants to write an article about Capt Simms for Britain At War magazine.

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The soldier said: “Captain Simms was said to be a quiet, bespectacled man with dark hair but to also be fearless in combat.

“He escaped twice from the Germans and was a very good soldier. What he did was like we do now in Afghanistan - patrol in an open vehicle engaging the enemy.

“It’s like history repeating itself in a way.”

Sgt Burt knows Capt Simms was killed in a car accident in the 1950s but he is keen to find out more about the patrol commander, who was awarded the Military Cross on April 27, 1944, for his actions in the field. Capt Simms was twice taken prisoner during the war but escaped both times.

Sgt Burt is also planning to build a working replica of the F8 Ford truck in which Capt Simms patrolled during the conflict, which was named d’Artagnan after the famous French musketeer.

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