Bills kept coming to flat that had no gas

A LEAMINGTON pensioner who has no gas supply in his flat has for three years been receiving threatening demands to pay bills he does not owe.

On top of a bill totalling more than £1,700, British Gas told Geoffrey Wareing, of St Mary’s Road, that the company intended to issue a court warrant to enter his premises and charge him an additional £116.

The retired factory worker, who receives pension credit, says he has been asking the firm to send a representative to his home since 2008 so that it could be confirmed he has no gas supply, but no one from British Gas has paid him a visit during this time.

He said: “Nobody has been to check. They don’t even know my name.

“I have phoned them up on numerous occasions and sent letter after letter, but I have been told that they could not send anyone here. I was not given a reason why.”

Mr Wareing, who lives alone, showed the Courier a letter from British Gas which stated: “If there isn’t a gas meter then please let me know so I can arrange for it to be taken out.”

He said: “That doesn’t even makes sense. How can they take out a meter which doesn’t exist? It’s ludicrous.”

The only face-to-face contact Mr Wareing has had with anyone regarding the matter was with a gas meter reader who knocked on his door two years ago. He said: “I explained to him the situation. He confirmed that I don’t have a gas supply and said he would inform the powers that be. But two weeks after that I received another bill.

“I am receiving pension credit. My other bills are coming in and I am struggling to pay them. With these as well, it is a worry. I have trouble sleeping at night.”

Since Mr Wareing approached the Courier, British Gas has been in contact with him. Sara Powell-Davies of the company said: “I am very sorry that Mr Wareing has been receiving bills from us in error. A mistake was made when the property in which Mr Wareing lives was converted from two flats to three, which has resulted in incorrect bills being sent to him.

“We should have updated our records when Mr Wareing first contacted us about the matter. We have spoken to Mr Wareing to apologise and explain what we are doing to put things right.”

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