Cancer care inspires fundraising challenges in Leamington and Warwick

Being diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer has proved to be no barrier to a Leamington mother’s determination to cycle 50 miles for charity.And leaping more than 12,000 ft out of a plane is not enough of a challenge for a Warwick entrepreneur intent on raising funds for leukeamia research in support of his father.

Linda Pemberton cycling with her supporters last year.
Linda Pemberton cycling with her supporters last year.

Linda Pemberton, who works at the Leamington office of McKesson healthcare technology firm, was diagnosed with the disease in September 2011. Since then, the 49-year-old has been through intensive chemotherapy and surgery and several courses of drug treatment, for which she had to move between hospitals in Kidderminster, Worcester and Cheltenham.

Last year, a group of colleagues and friends cycled a 50-mile circular route from Leamington to Stratford to raise funds for the Worcestershire Breast Care Trust, which aims to bring all the breast cancer care services under one roof.

And this Sunday (May 19), Ms Pemberton is joining her supporters when they do it again.

MHLC-15-05-13 Leukeamia fundraising May39 Rob Cameron is going to do a solo skydive and an Olympic-distance triathlon to raise funds for Leukeamia and Lymphoma Research as his father was diagnosed with leukeamia last year.


She said: “I was still having treatment when the last cycle ride took place so I couldn’t take part, but I did cycle the last couple of miles.

“I am forever positive and looking forward to the future. The medication I am one makes me tired and my bones are weakened, but I have bought a new bike and have managed 22 miles in training.

“I am hoping the momentum is going to help me to get through it.”

The team will include Ms Pemberton’s colleagues, friends, her children Bertie, Aimee, Brad and Leah and her sister Kate.


She added: “I would just like to make the journey an easier one for the next person who is told the life changing news that they have breast cancer.”

Meanhwile, Warwick entrepreneur Rob Cameron is preparing to do a solo skydive next month - while the father-of-one is also in training to take on an Olympic-distance triathlon in August.

Since Mr Cameron’s father Alan - who works at Warwick Castle car park and has been the landlord of several pubs in the town - was diagnosed with leukeamia last year, he decided he wanted to do what he could to raise funds for Leukeamia and Lymphoma Research.

Mr Cameron, who runs Ignition business coaching firm, said: “It’s going to be exciting. I’m trying to to think about it too much.


“I’m doing a course which will enable me to jump on my own. My family think I am a bit mad.”

After completing the jump at Sibson Airfield in Peterborough on June 14, Mr Cameron will have a short break before hte triathlon in Shropshire on August 11, during which he will have to swim 1,500m, cycle 40km and then run 10k.

He said: “My dad has been going for chemotherapy since last autumn and it has affected his day-to-day living. I want to do something for him because he has always been there for me.

“I want to raise some funds towards research into the disease, so that others might have the opportunity to be cured.”


To sponsor Ms Pemberton, visit and search for ‘Claire Collins’