Celebrations as lollipop role is filled

PARENTS of children at a Leamington school are “thrilled” that a new ‘lollipop’ man has been recruited to help their little ones cross the road.

After a group of parents asked Warwickshire County Council to put into place a schools crossing patrol officer at the spot in Northumberland Road outside Milverton Primary School, the council began recruiting for the post - but no one was forthcoming since October.

But finally a Warwick man stepped up - former baker Bob Costello, who is due to start next week.

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The grandfather-of-one said: “I thought it would be an interesting challenge. I worked at Margaret Halls for almost 40 years and then started looking for something else to do. I do like children.”

Bonny Landsborough, the county council’s school crossing patrol supervisor, said: “We are very pleased to have found someone. The parents are absolutely thrilled and delighted.

“The job is really important and it can be potentially dangerous, so you have to be aware. I will go out with Bob until he is confident to be on his own.”

She added: “Drivers need to be aware that he will be there in the mornings and afternoons. It is a very busy junction.”

More ‘lollipop’ people are needed in the county. Anyone interested should call Mrs Landsborough on 412661.