Changes ahead for Warwick town centre

A new speed limit is on the horizon for Warwick town centre.
Warwick, Swan Street/Market Square.
MHLC-31-01-15 General shots NNL-150202-114654009Warwick, Swan Street/Market Square.
MHLC-31-01-15 General shots NNL-150202-114654009
Warwick, Swan Street/Market Square. MHLC-31-01-15 General shots NNL-150202-114654009

In December plans to change Warwick’s town centre were approved.

And now some of the “early deliverables” in the town centre scheme, which includes the move from a 30mph to a 20mph speed restriction have been approved.

The proposals were developed by a working group over the last few years which would transform the traffic management in the town centre.

The proposals included; a 20mph zone for the town centre, wider pavements, new crossing points, cycle lanes, one-way routing along The Butts, High Street and Jury Street and junction alterations at key gateways such as Northgate.

It is hoped that the new plans will manage air quality issues, support local businesses, encourage more active lifestyles by increasing pedestrian access and protect historic buildings.

The proposed 20mph speed limit zone, includes nearly every road in Warwick Town Centre within the area bounded by St Nicholas Church Street, Castle Lane, Bowling Green Street, Theatre Street, Saltisford, Northgate and Priory Road

Banbury Road, Coten End, Coventry Road, Cape Road, Saltisford, Friars Street and West Street will remain at 30mph but as they approach other roads in the town centre they will become 20mph zones.

Priory Road will also have additional traffic calming measures in the form of raised tables and speed cushions.

The installation of a shared use cycle/footway for Priory Road was also approved. 
According to the Warwickshire County Council documents “the introduction of a shared use cycle/footway will link the St John’s area of the town with the town centre, making routes from the railway station and other local centres more accessible.”

County councillor for Warwick west, John Holland, has been involved with the development of the traffic proposals.

He said: “The scheme actually rises from the plans to build Chase Meadows. The planning inspector approved the plans subject to the town centre scheme being completed in 2001.

“I think the important thing is that we have worked with residents and businesses and other stake holders such as Warwick Town Council and that is the key to success - to work with people.

“We want a scheme that will support town centre businesses and residents and support our town centre economy.

“We want the town centre to be open for business so we have to improve the air quality in order to have a thriving town centre.

“I think we are going to achieved both things with this complete scheme. Which stage comes next is not yet decided.”

Cllr Jeff Clarke, portfolio holder for Transport and the Environment, said: “Following public consultation that took place with Warwick Residents in 2016, we are very pleased to announce work is progressing well with the 20mph speed limit for the town centre.

“This change will come into effect in due course.”

It is currently unknown when work to put these measures in place will begin.