Christine takes over the chains as bowls president

The chains of office at Warwickshire Bowls Association’s ladies section have been passed down at its Annual General Meeting.

Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield) handed the role of president over to Lillington’s Christine Richards.

Christine thanked everyone for their support and said she looks forward to another successful year for Warwickshire Ladies. Di Medhurst (Stoke) moved up to senior vice-president and Chris Ward (Lillington) was appointed junior vice-president. Other officers re-elected were secretary - Ann Doherty (Lillington); treasurer – Janet Scott (Sherwood Park); competition secretary – Di Green (Sherwood Park); assistant secretary – Elaine Taylor (Stoke); and match secretary – Jenny Corn (Lillington).

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Maureen Edwards thanked everyone for their support of her charity and presented a cheque for £1,700 to The Friends of St Cross Hospital, Rugby, at the end of her presidential year.

Friends of the Hospital, Heather Green and Willy Goldschmidt, thanked the County Ladies for their contribution and explained that the money would go towards equipment and staffing at the hospital.

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