Councillor returns home five weeks after collapse

Former Warwick District Council Chairman Cllr Richard DaviesFormer Warwick District Council Chairman Cllr Richard Davies
Former Warwick District Council Chairman Cllr Richard Davies
A relieved councillor has thanked “life-saving heroes” now he is back at home after a heart attack during a civic meeting left him hospitalised for five weeks.

Richard Davies was chairman of Warwick District Council when he collapsed while making a speech at an official event in April.

After life saving emergency treatment, a heart bypass operation and weeks recovering in hospital, he has thanked everybody around him for their amazing support.

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“I am slowly and very gratefully returning to the land of the living and want to thank everyone for their cards and kind messages which have been very much appreciated,” he said.

“I have literally been moved to tears and thanks everyone for their kind words and encouragement, it really does mean a lot to me.

“The huge efforts that so many people have made to ensure that I am still alive is truly humbling.”

Cllr Davies, who serves on Kenilworth town and Warwick district councils, said he must now continue to rest following the major surgery but hopes to make a full return to his council duties.

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And although it will be some time before he is fully back on his feet, the former chairman has put his remarkable recovery thus far down to some “surprising but much appreciated guardian angels”.

He said: “At the moment I am as weak as a kitten and am allowed to walk just fifty metres at a time.

“I am very lucky to have had my cardiac arrest publicly and in the presence of trained and decisive heroes.

“If it had happened earlier that afternoon when we were taking the dogs for a walk the outcome would almost certainly have been fatal.”

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Cllr Davies collapsed midway through making a speech in honour of Warwick councillor, Bob Dhillon last month.

The quick-thinking mayor was able to administer immediate CPR and kept his friend breathing until medical help arrived.

Following his hospital stay, he has also sent out thanks to all the staff at Coventry hospital, and said that while his recovery will be slow, he looks forward to returning to his elected role.

Cllr Davies was chairman of WDC for the past 12 months before handing over the baton this month to Clare Sawdon.

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The Kenilworth resident has apologised for being unable to complete his year in office, but said: “It has been a huge honour to represent the district locally and across the Midlands.

“I am very much looking forward to returning to my council duties in the next few days as my fellow councillors have kindly offered to ferry me around to meetings.”