County police confirm Mercia alliance

WARWICKSHIRE Police have announced the agreement of a strategic alliance with the West Mercia force.

Both force’s police authorities have unanimously accepted the recommendations of Warwickshire chief constable Keith Bristow (pictured right) and West Mercia chief constable-designate David Shaw to deliver all policing services across both areas.

These recommendations include a change to how both forces are planning to cope with budget reductions through the creation of a new change programme and the legal agreements to allow officers and staff to operate across both areas.

Both forces will retain their separate governance and accountability arrangements through their authorities and also have separate budgets, assets and financial accounting arrangements.

Mr Bristow, said: “People rightly expect public services to deliver the maximum possible protection from the resources available at all times. The leadership demonstrated by authority members and members of our workforces in developing innovative, exciting and radical new ways to deliver services is important, particularly when resources are reducing but policing remains challenging both locally and nationally.

“I am confident that, with our workforce, volunteers, partners and communities we can deliver a more effective and efficient service through an alliance.”