Jailed: Violent domestic abuser from Leamington who raped and assaulted his victim

Note from Warwickshire Police: Victims of sexual offences have a right to lifetime anonymity. In this case we have worked with the victim and she has given her permission for the outcome and details to be publicised. She has done this to allow the force to report the horrific nature of Archer’s crimes and encourage other victims of domestic abuse to seek help.

A violent domestic abuser from Leamington has been jailed.

Justin Archer, aged 52, of Lambourn Crescent, Leamington subjected his partner to years of abuse.

The court heard how he gained a hold over her using coercive controlling behaviour to control and bully her.

Justin Archer

He cut her off from her friends and family and he told her nobody would believe her if she reported it.

In fits of rage he would throw water over her, cut up her clothes and make her feel worthless.

When she wanted to go out with friends Archer would threaten to hurt her.

He would pull her around by her hair and hit her on the back of her head to make sure her injuries could not be seen.

The abuse culminated in October 2018 when Archer raped the victim and a few days later assaulted her when she confronted him.

This incident led the victim to ring 999 and subsequently reported the years of abuse to police. Archer was arrested that day.

Following this an investigation was launched by Warwickshire Police and support was put in place for the victim.

Archer pleaded guilty to two counts each of rape, assault and controlling coercive behaviour. He was jailed at Warwick Crown Court last week for 12-and-a-half years.

Lead investigator, Detective Constable Rachel Priestley from Warwickshire Police, said the victim has shown great bravery in coming forward, adding:

: “Like many perpetrators of domestic abuse, Archer made his victim feel worthless; he isolated her from her friends and family and made her think nobody would believe her if she reported the abuse. He said that if she reported the abuse he would make out she was mad.

“The sad part is, like many victims of domestic abuse she came to believe this and felt unable to speak out.

“The outcome of this case proves that Archer was wrong; she was believed and now he is behind bars for a long time.

“The survivor has shown great bravery in coming forward after suffering at the hands of Archer for so long and in supporting this investigation. I hope she can take some comfort from the outcome of the case and continue to rebuild her life.

“By highlighting Archer's crimes and his sentence she also hopes to give other victims the confidence to come forward by showing that there is light at the end of the tunnel for victims of domestic abuse. We will listen to you, we will investigate and we will bring offenders to justice.”

if you are a victim of domestic abuse help and support is available. For more information go to www.warwickshire.police.uk/domestic-abuse/