Leamington man jailed for putting a hidden camera in his bathroom to record a 13-year-old girl

He was also ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years

A man who used a camera hidden in an air freshener to record a 13-year-old girl using the bathroom at his Leamington home has been jailed.

The girl spotted the concealed camera and moved it so it pointed upwards – but not before Declin Dreslin had saved a video clip from it onto his computer.

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Dreslin (43) of Granada Way, Leamington, pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to voyeurism by viewing a person doing a private act and making indecent images of a child.

Declin Dreslin

He was jailed for 15 months and ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years – and made subject to a restraining order banning him from having any contact with the girl for life.

Prosecutor Simon Hunka said the girl had gone to the bathroom while she was at Dreslin’s home.

She became suspicious when she saw an air freshener with something black in it – and when she looked, she realised it was a camera pointing towards where she was.

So she moved it to point towards the ceiling.

After she had left, she sent a message to Dreslin telling him how disgusting it was, and at first he responded by denying there had been a camera in the bathroom, but then sent another message apologising.

She told her mother what had happened, and when her mother challenged him about it, Dreslin admitted the camera had been there, but denied having any sexual motive.

After the police were contacted and he was arrested, Dreslin’s i-Phone was examined, and it was found he had carried out searches for spy cameras.

And his desktop computer and a USB stick each had a movie clip on them from the camera of the girl in the bathroom.

But when he was interviewed he claimed it had not occurred to him that the camera would capture anyone in a state of undress, and he denied having any sexual motivation.

In an impact statement the girl says the incident has left her apprehensive when changing, ever in her own home, and particularly when trying on clothes in shops or at public places such as swimming pools.

Mr Hunka added that Dreslin had previous convictions, but all a long time ago, and nothing of a similar nature.

Judge Sylvia de Bertodano observed that the case had not got to court until November last year, despite the evidence being available at the time.

And she commented: “It is completely unacceptable that victims of this sort of crime have to wait a very long time.”

Jonathan Veasey-Pugh, defending, said that when he had appeared at the magistrates’ court, Dreslin had been fined for producing cannabis, which he admitted, after four plants were found by the police when he had been arrested.

“So far as these matters are concerned, he had considered and even wanted to plead guilty, but he was advised to plead not guilty. He says he said ‘not guilty at this time.’”

And Mr Veasey-Pugh remarked: “These are difficult sorts of offences to admit. He expresses remorse. I ask Your Honour to accept that.

“There are two offences, but they are one and the same conduct, and this is not a case of showing images to others.”

He said Dreslin works a shift pattern, and would lose his job and his housing association home if he was jailed.

Jailing Dreslin, Judge de Bertodano also ordered the forfeiture and destruction of his computer and the USB stick.

She told him: “You used the opportunity provided in order to behave towards her in this sexualised way.

“It is unimaginably distressing for a young teenager to be sexually targeted in this way. One can only imagine how distressing this would have been for her.

“I do not accept for a minute that it was for any reason other than sexual gratification. It is clear you were able to watch what was happening in real time and also to record it.

“The message must go out that if adults behave in this way to satisfy their own sexual interests, they must go to prison.”