Police had to smash their way into a house after Rugby man dragged former partner in by the hair and kept her there

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A man who had dragged his former partner back to her home by her hair was involved in a long stand-off with the police – until officers smashed their way in to arrest him.

Despite the incidents being captured by CCTV and bodycam cameras, Marcus Israel pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and false imprisonment.

But after seeing the recordings, it took a jury at Warwick Crown Court less than an hour to find him guilty of both charges.

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Israel (38) of Howkins Road, Rugby, was jailed for 18 months – consecutive to a 12-month sentence he is already serving for an offence of affray, for which he was on bail at the time.

Prosecutor Ian Windridge said that in July his partner told Israel their relationship, which she said had been marked by persistent violence, was over.

They met on July 26 and returned to her home for him to collect some of his property.

But in the kitchen he punched her to the face, and he hit her a number of times over the next hour or so.

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At one stage she managed to get out of the house – and a nearby CCTV showed light being reflected on the bonnet of a car as the door to her house was opened.

She then ran past the car, but another flash of light on the bonnet indicated that the door was opened again – and Israel ran after her.

Having caught her off-camera, he dragged her back along the ground by her hair.

She managed to break free and tried to make a run for it, but he grabbed her again and dragged her back into the house.

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The police had been alerted, and when officers arrived Israel refused to open the door to them, shouting abuse at the officers.

When he did finally open the door after a lengthy stand-off, he was hit by a Taser fired by one of the officers, but managed to slam the door shut again.

The police then used a battering ram to smash a hole in the bottom of the door, through which officers then crawled and arrested Israel, added Mr Windridge.

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