Prolific Cawston criminal handed 'well-deserved' prison sentence after being convicted of more offences

A prolific criminal from Cawston has been handed a ‘well-deserved’ prison sentence after breaking into a garage on the same road he lives on.

Photo: Warwickshire Police.
Photo: Warwickshire Police.

On New Year’s Day Jamie Bremner was caught on camera breaking into a garage on Elborow Way – the same road he lives on. he was caught on camera breaking into a

After gaining access to the garage he stole alcohol and electrical equipment – and then went to a neighbouring property and tried a car door.

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Bremner was recognised from CCTV and detectives from Proactive CID arrested him days later.

At Warwick Crown Court he pleaded guilty to burglary and interfering with a motor vehicle.

He also admitted two charges of receiving stolen goods. He was charged with these offences after detectives searching his house seized items stolen from cars in Cawston and Rugby.

Last week the 28-year-old was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison for these offences.

Bremner was serving a suspended sentence at the time he committed the offences, having been previously convicted of 30 theft and burglary offences in Cawston in 2020.

The judge activated the suspended sentence and jailed him for a further year.

Detective Constable Rebecca Naughton from Rugby Proactive CID said: “Bremner is a prolific offender who persistently shows complete disregard for the people of Cawston.

“Following his conviction in 2020 he had an opportunity to change his ways.

"He seems incapable of doing this and as a result has been sent to prison.

“Cawston will undoubtedly be a safer place now Bremner is serving a well-deserved prison sentence.”