'This is the third drink driving incident in two years' - Rugby resident calls for action on Clifton road after another crash

The call for action comes after a crash in the early hours of Sunday morning, which saw a woman arrested for drink driving

The scene of crash. Photo: OPU Warwickshire, Facebook.

A resident on Clifton Road is calling for action after being woken up in the early hours of Sunday morning when a suspected drink driver crashed a row of parked cars and then hit an oncoming car.

Clifton Road resident Tasha Bridgen told the Advertiser this is the third smash involving a drink driver outside her family home since moving in two years ago.

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"My husband's car has been hit by drink drivers twice - and this time round my neighbour's mini was hit," she said.

Tasha said she woke up to a loud crash at half one on the morning, first assuming her husband had dropped something.

But she quickly worked out what had happened and was quickly dressed and out of the front door to see if there was anything she could do to help.

Emergency services were at the scene very quickly and the driver was seen being taken off by police after failing a roadside breath test.

The suspected drink driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Tasha said residents on the road have been left concerned with the number of incidents in the area in recent years.

She said: "There are no cameras or bumps on this road. I've written to the county council because I think something needs to be done.

"I know after a certain amount of incidents they will review whether measures need to taken, I don't know if they count things like clipped wingmirrors - which we get a lot of - as part of those statistics.

"The speed is also a concern, it's wide road but there is a parking permit system outside the houses and you're taking your like into your own hands if you need to get into your car on the road side.

"Of course, not everyone speeds, but quite often you feel the speed of passing cars as you climb into your own car."