Volunteer police officers from Warwickshire rush to M6 services after owner spots stolen caravan

Four officers rushed to the scene - resulting in two arrests and the caravan being recovered

Photo: Warwickshire Rural Crime Team, Facebook.
Photo: Warwickshire Rural Crime Team, Facebook.

Warwickshire rural crime officers rushed to an M6 motorway services last night, May 16, after a member of the public spotted their stolen caravan.

The member of the public called the police when they believed they spotted their stolen Swift Group caravan at the Corley services.

Four special constables - who are police volunteers with the full powers of a full-time constable - rushed to the scene and managed to find the caravan, which was located among a large group of other caravans.

The officers inspected the caravan, discovering that the thieves had doctored the caravan's identifying markings in a failed attempt to disguise their crime.


Officers confirmed that the caravan had been stolen from a home in Coventry last month and then promptly arrested a man and a woman on suspicion of theft.

A spokesperson for the Rural Crime Team (RCT) praised the work of the officers, highlighting the important work that volunteer constables do in the force.

They said: "Special constables selected for the RCT are given the exact same tools and training as the regular officers on the team.

"This incident with the recovery, shows just how valued their time and efforts are to our team.


"We hope to bring you an update on the investigation as it progresses.

"If you own a caravan, please take the time to register it with Cris www.cris.co.uk ,this process is invaluable to us when we conduct our checks.

"It's also well worth considering a tracker of some sort as this will dramatically increase the chances of its recovery."