Date set for residents' vote on Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan

Kenilworth's residents will now get the chance to vote on whether to accept the finalised version of a plan to influence development in the town for years to come.

The date for the final vote on the Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan has been set
The date for the final vote on the Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan has been set

The Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by Warwick District Council and an independent inspector, although he said the plan must be slightly changed.

Once those changes take place, Kenilworth’s residents will head to the polls on Thursday November 15 to take part in a yes or no referendum on the plan.

If accepted, the plan will be a guide for developers to follow. If developers do not follow the plan, they are far more likely to have planning permission refused.

Speaking at a Kenilworth Town Council meeting on Thursday September 13, Cllr George Illingworth (Con, Abbey) said the inspector had made some amendments to the plan but felt his comments were useful overall.


“Although he put a number of comments in, many of them were very helpful, and essentially supportive,” Cllr Illingworth said.

“My feeling was he was trying to help us to get the best plan we could. He wasn’t being obstructive, he was rephrasing things so they were clearer.”

Some of the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan include supporting a 20mph speed limits in the town centre and on new developments, support for plans to improve Kenilworth’s air quality, and supporting a two-storey car park as long as electric charging points and bike parking are included.

Another policy will increase the protection to Castle Farm and its nearby residents, who are worried about the planned move to the site by Kenilworth Wardens.


The plan also states any development which reduces the amount of green space in the town will be resisted.

Despite Cllr Illingworth praising the inspector, he did not agree with everything he recommended.

He added “Personally, I was quite upset we couldn’t have a clear, separate policy on Abbey Fields. It’s the jewel in the town as far as many people are concerned.”

“One the positive side, he did support our requirement for local green space.”


And while Cllr Michael Coker (Con, Abbey) felt the some of the recommendations ‘seemed silly’, he conceded the inspector was simply playing by the rules.

He added: “It seemed to me like the inspector was quite impressed with our plan.”

Anyone wishing to view the inspector’s recommendations should click here