Daventry author launches dark new thriller

An author who wrote a script for EastEnders when she was just 13 has followed her dreams and released a book.

Kirstie Malone.
Kirstie Malone.

Former Daventry woman Kirstie Malone, 24, is the writer behind Daisy Chain, a dark relationship thriller.

She said: “A crime runs alongside the characters’ individual stories so anyone who is a fan of crime novels, thriller novels or even TV relationship dramas (this was originally supposed to be a five-part TV drama) will enjoy this book.

“Having said that, I hope that it appeals to a wide demographic as the characters’ stories are told from several years of their lives, so we see them as teenagers and as adults in their early 40s, so my hope is that a teenage reader will enjoy it and relate to it just as much as their parents.”

Kirstie moved to London nearly four years ago to take up an apprenticeship at ITV.

“I split my time between London and Daventry,” she said.

“I like to come home to see my family and get away from the busy London lifestyle.

“Writing has always been my biggest passion. Deciding to try writing an episode of EastEnders one day when I was 13 made me realise that I wanted to become a scriptwriter for television.

“I’ve never looked back since that day, working hard to improve my craft and constantly coming up with new ideas, both for established dramas and also my own original work.”

Daisy Chain is available from several online retailers: Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Createspace, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.