Don’t vote for party politics in police commissioner elections, say Liberal Democrats

LIBERAL Democrats in Warwickshire may ask their supporters to ‘look closely’ at voting Independent in November’s police and crime commissioner elections.

The party, which has so far not chosen a candidate, says it wants to keep party politics out of policing.

So far, former Labour MP James Plaskitt and Conservative councillor Fraser Pithie are contesting the election with independents Andrew Moss, a former sergeant, and Ron Ball, whom the Courier/Weekly News will feature next week.

Cllr Jerry Roodhouse, the party’s Warwickshire County Council group leader, said his party was concerned over the level of ‘yah boo’ politics.

He added: “We’re unlikely to formally endorse an Independent, because it’s unlikely there will be a 100 per cent match between their policies and ours. But we would consider encouraging our supporters to look very closely at any Independents. David Cameron said he wanted businessmen and charity leaders who had proved themselves in life to come forward, yet the government has made life difficult for Independent candidates by refusing the support that would help make this happen.”