Blue plaque to be placed at the stump of a 300-year-old oak tree that was felled by HS2 near Leamington

There was a huge outcry when the much-loved tree was taken down in September 2020

The photo on the left became an iconic image as protester Kerry O'Grady mourned the felling of the Hunningham Oak. Right: The blue plaque for the Hunningham Oak.

This photo of became an iconic image as protesters mourned the felling of a large oak tree that was removed by HS2 workers.

And in the next few weeks, a blue plaque will be placed at the stump of the Hunningham Oak.

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The mature tree, nominated for Tree of the Year 2020, stood for some 300 years on a country lane between the two villages of Hunningham and Offchurch.

The Hunningham Oak before it was felled.

Villagers will gather at Offchurch at 11am on August 1 before the unveiling of the plaque.

The plaque is being installed by the Hunningham Oak Blue Plaque Supporters (HOBPS). Placed at the stump of the tree, the plaque will be both actual and virtual, with the first ever augmented reality Blue Plaque image available via a QR code.

"This remarkable tree, one of many thousands, was lost to our community on September 24 2020, when it was felled by HS2 in the drive for ever faster train links between Birmingham and London" says Eleanor Allitt, speaking on behalf of HOBPS.

"The Hunningham Oak was more than a tree, it was a wonderful and vital asset to our countryside and community."

"While blue plaques have traditionally placed on houses where famous people have lived, trees such as the late Hunningham Oak work tirelessly to support human life on our planet.

"This blue plaque is completely independent of English Heritage. We are placing this plaque near a magnificent tree, felled by HS2, to recognised and highlight the incredible life-sustaining contribution made by the Hunningham Oak to our countryside.

"This blue plaque is a reminder to us all that trees are felled at our peril, such is their huge ecological significance at this time of an internationally recognised global climate emergency. "