BREAKING: For those who didn't look out of their window - it snowed in Rugby earlier

It's been an exciting morning for our town

The snow was as its heaviest at around 9.30am - as seen in this dramatic photo.
The snow was as its heaviest at around 9.30am - as seen in this dramatic photo.

Those with access to windows may have noticed that it was snowing in Rugby this morning, March 31.

It appears to have started at around 7.30am - when this reporter began to witness literally dozens of snowflakes falling from the sky.

This was no blizzard, but local reporters seem to be oddly captivated by snow - so I gazed out in awe, wondering how this quite normal spell of weather might be turned into a story.

Look closely, and you might be able to spot some snow falling.

A brief walk out revealed - unsurprisingly - some snow.

I walked up Hillmorton Road, even stopping by Whitehall Rec and and there the snow was too - barely settling, except for a dusting on some areas of grass.

Briefly, though, the morning took a dramatic turn when the snow seemed to grow in ferocity, causing me and some other pedestrians to squint.

The excitement grew as I heard what I thought was the wind beginning to howl in a way so haunting it could have just blown in from something one of the Brontë sisters wrote.

A dog walker braves the extreme weather at Whitehall Rec.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be the sound of an ageing transit van wheezing down Hillmorton Road.

The snow then began to calm a little and, as of 9.53am, all that is left is a light sprinkling across the town - with some grey, sludgy highlights.

Will the snow come back today? Will the Advertiser ever get over its obsession with weather? Who knows - but the excitement is in the not knowing.

Snow settles on one of the primroses by the memorial gates.