BREAKING: Water droplets just fell from the sky in Rugby - read our exclusive eyewitness account

It rained for at least 30 seconds in Rugby, the Advertiser can exclusively reveal.
Our correspondent braves the weather.Our correspondent braves the weather.
Our correspondent braves the weather.

Yesterday, there were (probably) dramatic scenes as thousands of Rugbeians were left slightly bothered by Met Office predictions of a thunderstorm for this afternoon.

And this morning this newspaper assured residents that, should any sign of the predicted thunderstorm arrive in town today, we would be leaping to action to bring you our industry-leading weather coverage.

We said: “We know there's still some debate over whether this thunderstorm will materialise later today.

"If it does don't worry, this newspaper will, as ever, be on hand with serious, meticulous and, dare we say, unmatched, weather coverage.

"The Met Office may have science at its disposal - but we have a pigeon and a Facebook page.”

And now, in a dramatic twist of events, and not at all a parody of the overly-dramatic style of news that has come to dominate the industry in this social media era – we can bring you an eyewitness report of the latest development.

This reporter personally witnessed water falling from the sky at around 12.30pm today.

The water, which came in the form of small, lukewarm droplets, was seen striking the ground at speed, at one point making a leaf twitch and a harvestman spider sprint for cover.

At first, there were some droplets, then there were a few more, and then the whole thing seemed to lose momentum – with no further droplets.

The sky was grey at that point, and it continues to be grey. And on that basis, we have reached the scientific conclusion that it might rain again or it might not.

Those concerned (there must be at least one of you) can rest assured that the Advertiser will continue to look out of the window to bring you all the very latest weather updates as the day develops.

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