Hillmorton church wins national award for their efforts in reducing carbon emissions

Project coordinator Phil Hemsley. Photo by Patrick Joyce.Project coordinator Phil Hemsley. Photo by Patrick Joyce.
Project coordinator Phil Hemsley. Photo by Patrick Joyce.
The church has implemented an array of measures to cut down on their emissions

St. George’s Church in Hillmorton has been granted a national award in recognition of their work towards reducing their carbon emissions to zero by the end of the decade.

The Silver Eco-Church Award, which is sponsored by several national organisations, praised the commitment of St George’s and commented favourably on their management of church buildings and land, their lifestyle approach and their work in community engagement.

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Tasmin Morris, of A. Rocha UK, the awarding organisation, said: "St George’s in Rugby fully deserve of their award and the recognition that goes with it.

"They are an amazing church doing some great work.

"We were impressed when we learned of their commitment to be carbon neutral in two years."

The church recently received a grant of £23,000 from Warwickshire County council’s Green Shoots Fund, to help towards the cost of installing solar panels, which will save six tonnes of CO2 every year.

But there is much more to do, project coordinator Phil Hemsley explained.

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He said: "Climate change is such a critical issue. We all need to do what we can.

"Here at St. George’s, we will be installing solar panels and skylight glazing on the roof, along with further insulation and LED lighting in the church hall. This will reduce heat loss from the church buildings, and it could result in our church becoming carbon negative. We could even generate enough surplus electricity that can then be sold back to the National Grid.’

Godfrey Armitage, the environmental officer for Coventry Diocese, said: "This is a massive piece of work, and it would be great if other parishes in the diocese were able to achieve so much."

Work on the solar panels and skylight glazing is due to start on February 21 and will be completed by February 25.

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