Last-minute attempts to freeze 5,000-home South West Rugby plan defeated in council meeting

The development was given the go-ahead in 2019 - but this evening there were some last-minute attempts to put a hold on it
The Benn Hall, where the meeting was held.The Benn Hall, where the meeting was held.
The Benn Hall, where the meeting was held.

Last minute attempts to freeze the 5,000-home South West Rugby plan have been defeated at a full meeting of Rugby Borough Council at the Benn Hall earlier this evening, June 17.

The development will comprise 390 hectares of land situated between Cawston, Bilton and Dunchurch hosting 5,000 new homes and 35 hectares of employment land.

It was approved as part of the borough's 12,400-home Local Plan in 2019 and this latest meeting was to decide on some aspects of the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

The SPD is the means by which the council can force the developer to provide infrastructure like roads, GP surgeries and emergency services provision.

It also outlines what measures will be included to protect the environment.

Rugby's Lib Dem group managed to have an amendment included in this evening's meeting which called on the plans to be frozen while there is a rethink on the environmental impact of the development.

This amendment was defeated.

Rugby's Labour group was hoping to include an amendment calling on the plans to be frozen while concerns over ONS population projections that the Local Plan was based on were examined.

Council officers did not consider this amendment technically appropriate, so it was not allowed to be included and thus was not voted on.

The SPD was then voted through by councillors.

A full report on the meeting will be published tomorrow.