People met on Sunday August 1 to unveil a plaque at the stump.

Photos: Campaigners unveil a plaque at the stump of a 300-year-old tree that was felled by HS2 near Leamington

There was much controversy last year when the ancient oak was one of many trees knocked down as part of the high speed railway project

Monday, 2nd August 2021, 11:58 am

The Hunningham Oak stood proudly in the Warwickshire countryside for 300 years, before it was felled by HS2 last year.

To remember the much-loved tree between Hunningham and Offchurch, which was nominated for Tree of the Year 2020, people met on Sunday August 1 to unveil a plaque at the stump.

The plaque was installed by the Hunningham Oak Blue Plaque Supporters (HOBPS) and will be both actual and virtual, with the first ever augmented reality Blue Plaque image available via a QR code.

Royal Spa Brass provided music for the event as the crowd walked from The Stag pub in Offchurch to the stump

The plaque was then unveiled and Eleanor Allitt spoke about the many benefits of oak trees.

As the stump of this tree lies in the path of HS2 construction, the plaque was installed on a nearby gate which faces onto the Offchurch end of the Hunningham Road.

Here are some photos from the event, courtesy of Dave Hastings at dh Photo.

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