Warwick and Leamington MP 'expects flawed HQ plan to be scrapped' by new-look council

"Flawed" plans to build a new headquarters for Warwick District Council could be scrapped by the authority following its regime change as a result of last week's election results.

Artist's impression of the Warwick District Council HQ plans.

This is the view of Warwick and Leamington Labour MP Matt Western, who is opposition to the project which was being overseen by the council's previously Conservative-lead administration.

Before the elections last week, The Tories had 30 seats out of a possible 46 and a 21-seat majority on the council ahead of the second largest party, Labour, which had.nine.

But both parties did not fair well in the election and, out of a reduced number of 44 seats, The Conservatives now have 19 - a majority of ten and no ruling majority over the Liberal Democrats - who now have nine, the Green Party with eight , Labour with five and the Whitnash Residents Association with three.

Warwick and Leamington MP Matt Western

Mr Western said: "The Conservatives, who have led the district council for the last four years, lost ten seats and its overall majority.

"Given that it is now under no overall control, I would expect the flawed new council office project to be scrapped.

"I will continue to campaign with all my energies against the move along with community groups and local residents.

"I still believe that my agenda is the right one – scrap the council offices project and instead start building social housing at scale and eliminate rough sleeping.

"It is astounding that not a single social home was started to be built in the district since 2015.

"We cannot afford another council which will be complacent on housing."

When Conservative party member and former district council leader Andrew Mobbs, who lost his seat in the Kenilworth Park Hill Ward, was asked whether the controversial headquarters plan was a reason for his party losing so many seats at both district and town council level he said: "“No, I don’t think so.

"Labour had a bad day too and they campaigned on the HQ issue.

"And on the doorstep, it rarely came up.”