Family members descend on Napton for a reunion

DESCENDENTS of two of the first families to have lived in Napton met in the village for a reunion last weekend.

More than 70 people, aged from two to 90, attended the event which brought together members of the Sheasby and Alsop families and their relations.

Those attending came from far and wide with some coming from abroad.

The event was organised by Lesley Durrant - who lives in Canada and is the great granddaughter of Edith Emma Sheasby - and Lucy Alsop of the Orkney Islands, who is related to both families.

They contacted one another in January and had spent the following months putting together a day of events, which took place on Saturday.

Lesley said: “It was such an amazing event and there was a great turnout.

“It was a special thrill for me to meet people who knew my great uncle Albert Oates, who used to own the fish business in Clemens Street.”

The event included a talk about the history of Napton by villager Monica Evans.

Bernard Alsop and Margaret Bloxham then led the group on a tour of the village, which allowed family members to catch up or get to know each other for the first time.

Kenilworth photographer Jeremy Eastaugh took pictures of various family groups.

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