Firefighters from Wellesbourne and Stratford rescue driver left stranded after going through flooded ford

The crews were called out just before noon

Firefighters from Wellesbourne and Stratford were called out on Sunday (October 5) to rescue a stranded driver after they drove through a flooded ford.

Sunday saw flooding ford in some areas and saw ford levels rise.

Just before noon crews from Wellesbourne and Stratford fire stations were called to a rescue from water.

A driver got into difficulties after driving through a flooded ford. Photo by Wellesbourne Fire Station


Wellesbourne Fire Station posted about the incident on their Facebook page and said that a driver had got stuck after driving through a flooded ford and the vehicle was taken downstream.

They said: "While trying to navigate a flooded ford this vehicle was taken by the fast flowing current and washed downstream, thankfully becoming lodged in undergrowth.

"The driver had managed to smash the rear quarter window but was unable to escape from the vehicle.

"Despite the challenging location we were able to assist the driver to safety and into the care of the ambulance service.


"Please don't risk your safety by trying to drive through flood water, and look carefully for depth gauges at fords."