GCSE RESULTS: Find out how our pupils fared

Years of hard work and dedication paid off for hundreds of pupils today (Thursday) when they opened the dreaded envelopes to find their GCSE results.

And the nervous wait was replaced with jubilation for many, with record-breaking results across the district.


Just over 46 per cent of grades at Warwick School were A*s. Samuel Young achieved an exceptional sweep of 12 A* grades with Lionel Whitby a very close 11 A*s

and one A grade. Douglas Boyle, Joshua Brown, Samuel Coy, David Holroyd, James Keay, James McAuliffe, Gautham Rao and Andrew Tinkler all achieved 11 A*s which is an increase on last year, with 14 boys achieving a clean sweep of A* only grades. 19 students scored 10 or more A*A grades which also is an increase on last year. 56 boys achieved a clean sweep of only A* and A grades with 78 per cent of this year’s cohort achieving A*A, our third best year ever, and nearly 95 per cent achieved A*-B grades which is a brilliant result.


Fifty six boys achieved a clean sweep of only A* and A grades with 78 per cent of this year’s cohort achieving A*A, the school’s third best year ever, and nearly 95 per cent achieved A*-B grades.

Headmaster Gus Lock said: “I am extremely proud of our boys who have achieved these results; they have worked incredibly hard and have benefitted from fabulous support from their families and outstanding guidance from their teachers. Everyone deserves to feel very proud today and I congratulate our boys wholeheartedly.”


On the back of last week’s A-level and AS-level outcomes (where 63 per cent of its Y13 students’ results were A*-B), North Leamington School is delighted that this year’s provisional GCSE results are as equally impressive.


The school has sustained the outstanding achievements of last year with 76 per cent of its Y11 students scoring A*-C in the sciences, 79 per cent posting A*-C in maths and 81 per cent recording A*-C in English. In new key measures, 74 per cent of students secured an A*-C in both English and maths.

Headteacher Joy Mitchell, said: “I am absolutely delighted with our results this year because we have secured and sustained excellent outcomes: students across the ability range have achieved wonderful results and made outstanding progress. Beyond this, the cohort are lovely, well-rounded individuals. The results are a fitting reward for their resilience, self-application and support of one-another.”

Individual achievements include:

Joseph Cofler – A**x1, A*x10, 1xA


Adam Cofler – A**x1, A*x7, Ax4

Amy Alcock – A*x10, Ax1

Daniel Morris – A*x8, Ax2, Bx1

Harpreet Rai - A*x7, Ax3


Molly Outhwaite – A*x4, Ax6, Bx1

Emily Nebard – A*x4, Ax6

Daniel Smyj-James – A*x1, Ax9, Bx1

George O’Donohue – A*x5, Ax4, Bx2


Jessica Bradley – A*x5, Ax4, Bx1

Anneliese Cummings – A*x5, Ax4, Bx1


At Aylesford School, 61 per cent of pupils achieved five plus A*-C(En/Ma) grades.


Headteacher Steve Hall said: “I am delighted for students of the school who have worked so hard towards their examinations and who have achieved so much. Their efforts have been rewarded and whilst school performance measures are changing the provisional data suggests a very good overall performance...indicating strong progress measures for the vast majority of students.

“We wish all students well as they continue on to the next phase of their personal, educational and vocational development.”

Individuals worthy of recognition for outstanding outcomes include:

Molly MacRae 11A* 1A


Charlotte Culley 7A* 3A (plus a Distinction * grade)

Samantha Miles 9A* 2A

James Harris 6A* 2A 2B

Chloe McDonagh 4A* 6A 2B


Harry Price 4A* 3A 2B


Trinity Catholic School principal Chris Gabbett commended all involved in producing another successful year, with 64 per cent of GCSE students achieving grades A*-C in English and maths and a number of students achieving A* and A grades in all subjects. He added: “I am so proud of our students and of course their parents, who have supported them through the hard work and challenges that Year Eleven brings. The committed staff here at Trinity have also been amazing. We are delighted that the majority of eligible students will be returning to Trinity’s sixth form and that many others will be pursuing college courses or vocational pathways. Whether joining our strong sixth form, or following an alternative route, we wish them every success and happiness for their future.”



At Myton School, 27 per cent of students achieved at least five A* and A grades - with 19 achieving at least 10 A*/A grades:

Headteacher Andy Perry said: “Congratulations to all our students on their GCSE results this year. Overall, we are delighted that 87 per cent of our Year 11 students achieved at least a C grade in English GCSEs this year with a third of the students achieving an A or A* in English. In maths, 81 per cent achieved at least a C grade and 27 per cent an A* or A.

“We can look at the 2016 cohort as a highly successful group of young people, welcome many of them back into our sixth form and wish them all every success for their futures wherever it may take them.”



At Kenilworth School, 82 per cent of students achieved the national measure of A*-C in both English and maths and 43 per cent of students achieved A*- C passes in E-BACC subjects.

Headteacher Hayden Abbott said: “Congratulations are due to all Year 11 students from Kenilworth School who achieved a great set of GCSE exam results this summer. Our Year 11 class of 2016 have shown tremendous resilience, determination, collaboration with their staff and impressive peer support at difficult times. They have matured in ways that cannot be measured by examination results, having lost a dear friend and classmate last year. We are all tremendously proud of each and every one of them and wish them well as they progress to the next stage of their education.”


Campion School achieved another set of excellent results after last week’s A level success. Over 70 per cent of pupils achieved A*-C in subjects including English and maths. Heather Cowgill achieved 10 A*/A grades including maths, English Llnguage, English literature and triple science. Chelsea Nwobodo, Alyssa Pope and Jack Southall all achieved 10A*/A grades.


Headteacher Jassa Panesar said: “GCSEs and A levels have become more challenging and Campion School continues to achieve highly with many of its pupils achieving A*/A grades. The school’s success is due to excellent relationships between staff, pupils and families as well as the shared ethos of dedication and hard-work.

“I would like to congratulate all Campion School pupils and their families on their achievements this summer. By working together as a team we have achieved excellent results. We are excited about the future and building on our successes in the years to come.”


King’s High School in Warwick celebrated its best GCSE results over five years, with 80.3 per cent A*-A results.


This follows amazing A-level results last week, when King’s girls achieved the highest A*-B results of any girls’ school in Warwickshire.

95.1 per cent achieved an A*-B result and an impressive 99.6 per cent of papers received A*-C grades. The school attained a 100 per cent pass rate.

Headmaster Richard Nicholson said: “To have attained the highest results over five years of outstanding GCSE results is something of which they should be very proud. Our 2016 results, both at GCSE and at A Level, where our girls achieved the highest A*-B results of any girls’ school in Warwickshire, are all the more impressive when one considers that our girls accomplish these results whilst excelling in their extra-curricular pursuits in sport, music, drama and art.”



Once again girls at The Kingsley School in Leamington are celebrating stunning results in its GCSE exams, mirroring the sixth form students strong A-level performance last week.

Nearly 50 per cent of entries achieved A*-A grades, with over 80 per cent achieving A*-B and 98 per cent achieving five A-C GCSEs.

Headteacher Heather Owens is delighted with this year’s results, which continue the school’s trend of consistently achieving top grades at GCSE. She said:“I am again immensely proud of all the girls who have achieved such outstanding results today.

“Kingsley’s supportive environment and their strong work ethic has resulted in this outstanding performance. The results show the exceptional progress girls make at Kingsley and they should all be proud of their fantastic achievements.”


Of the many individual success stories:

Lizzie Westley from Oxfordshire achieved 12 A*s and 1 B

Isabelle Rhodes from Southam achieved 10 A*s and 1 A

Annabel Stock from Warwick achieved 8 A*s and 1 A


Grace Beckwith from Stratford-upon-Avon achieved 7 A*, 3 As and 1 C grade

Tanya Saunders from Leamington Spa achieved 6 A*s, 5 As and 1 B

Tilly Owen from Leamington Spa achieved 3 A*s, 7 As and 1 B

Charlotte Dennison from Daventry achieved 1 A*, 8 As, 2 Bs and 1 C


Amy Newcombe from Pillerton Hersey, Warwick achieved 1 A*, 8 As, 1 B and 1 C

Ambe Reid from Leamington Spa achieved 2 A*s and 8 As and 1 B

Lottie Wright from Stratford-upon-Avon achieved 2 A*s, 4 As and 3 Bs

Amy Rattigan from Coventry achieved 1 A*, 7 As and 1 B


Ellie Sinclair from Leamington Spa achieved 2 A*s, 6 As and 1 B

Sophia Godfrey from Leamington Spa achieved 6 A*s, 3 As and 2 B grade


Students at Southam College celebrated record GCSE results, with 87 per cent of students achieving at least an A*-C grade in English and maths.


Headteacher Ranjit Samra said: “In the context of new curriculum content these are our best ever results. We are delighted for students, staff and parents who have all worked tirelessly to ensure that every student fulfils their maximum potential.

“These results should give every student the belief that with hard work anything is possible.”


Kineton High School achieved its personal best results.


82 per cent of Year 11 pupils achieved a C grade or above in English GCSE, and 72 per cent in maths - a record for the school.

A spokesperspon for the school said: “This is the result of continued hard work and commitment from both students and staff. We look forward to welcoming high numbers back into our Sixth Form and wish those leaving Kineton all the very best in the future.

“Well done to the following students who made the most progress in the year group: Neil Faulkner, Paul Philpott and Nicholas Melton. Isaac Aston, Louisa Briggs, Bethany Hall and Polly Alfandary are among a large number of students who achieved significant numbers of A* and A grades.

“Well done to Kineton Year 11 , we are very proud of you.”



From a cohort of 160 GCSE candidates at Princethorpe College, 40 per cent of grades are at A* or A, over two thirds at grade B or better and 20 per cent of pupils achieved at least nine A* or A grades.

There were many distinguished performances, but the best individual results were from Isabel Meade and Anna Harper-Lawrence who both achieved 11 A* grades.

Headmaster Ed Hester said that he was delighted with the excellent results which confirm how far the school’s academic profile has continued to develop over the past few years. “It is marvellous to be able to celebrate such success and all credit goes to the pupils and staff for their hard work”, he commented. “I am delighted that the vast majority of this cohort will continue into our wonderful Sixth Form and have the opportunity to complete our innovative Princethorpe Sixth Form Diploma, which is so highly rated by universities and employers.”