Great news... fundraising target to help baby Danny is reached

The family of seven-month old Danny Prothero, from Princethorpe '“ featured in last week's Advertiser '“ have been given the boost of hitting the £2,500 target they had to raise for the special helmet Danny needs to deal with the effects of plagiocephaly, more commonly known as flat head syndrome.

Danny Prothero NNL-160504-202915001
Danny Prothero NNL-160504-202915001

A rush of donations, including one of more than £1,000 at the weekend, has seen them get there.

On their online fundraising page, Danny’s mum Hayley had explained the situation: “I am a mother of three beautiful boys. My youngest has just turned seven months old.

“Due to his age, we are quickly running out of time to correct his bone posture.

“I am trying to raise money so he can get a specially made helmet to re-shape his head before his bones set and it is too late.


“These helmets used to be offered by the NHS, but due to cutbacks are now only available through the private sector.”

And she told the Advertiser last week: “This is not just us being vain and wanting a beautiful baby, he’s got flat head syndrome seriously and it’s not going to correct itself.

“By the time babies are over 14 months the only treatment they can have is surgery.”