Hatton school that helps bullied children thankful for support from bank staff

The team at a school in Hatton that helps bullied children have expressed their thanks to the staff at a bank in Warwick for their support.

The TSB branch in Warwick, which is has been earmarked to close later this year, has been in partnership with Northleigh House School for two years.

For two years TSB staff selected the school as their 'community champion' and they have held fundraisers such as tombolas, raffles and organised an event called "Hike It, Cycle It, Bake It".

Staff members involved in the fundraising include: Kayleigh McAteer, Leanne Hudson, Sarah Mcdaid, Juliet Bunford, Josh de Freyne-Shrubsole and Jack Richards.

Viv Morgan, founder of Northleigh House School and chair of trustees with Jack Richards the branch manager of TSB in Warwick. Photo submitted.


Northleigh House School, which is also a charity, supports up to 30 secondary-school aged children recovering from the effects of extreme bullying.

This week TSB staff handed over a cheque to representatives from the school fro more than £600.A spokesperson from Northleigh House School aid: "Local support from companies and people like Warwick TSB is absolutely invaluable to us.

"We are only a small charity and trying to compete with the larger more well-recognised charities is always difficult.

"Not only are the funds raised extremely useful to us, we enjoy the links we have established with the local community.


"Everyone is a winner - we can take our students to visit these local businesses, and the companies in turn have tangible evidence of where and who their hard work is supporting."