Jack unveiled as new milk carton star

A six-year-old boy from Cubbington is set to appear on 900,000 milk cartons over the coming months in supermarkets across the UK.

Jack Golding was chosen after his parents wrote to the St Helen’s Farm dairy to let them know how much he has benefitted from drinking goats’ milk.

When Jack was a toddler he suffered from digestive problems and eczema. His doctor recommended the family try switching from to cows’ milk to goats’ milk, as it is easier to digest.

His mum Alison said: “It’s difficult to know when your child is so young what to do for the best, the reflux also caused him trouble sleeping which in itself has other knock-on effects. This simple change in milk has led to amazing results.”

St Helen’s Farm marketing manager, Mike Hind said: “This is our way of saying thank you to Jack and others for helping to spread the word.”