James’s single could be the one that leads to bigger things

HE has the right look and the talent - now a Warwick School pupil is hoping he gets the slice of luck he needs to break into the music industry.

Singer-songwriter James Taylor-Watts has released his first single, an upbeat acoustic guitar-driven ballad titled She’s The One, which is available to download on iTunes.

The 14-year-old, who uses the stage name James Tw, has been encouraged to play instruments from an early age, but only started to take his music seriously four years ago.

James said: “Warwick School encourages pupils to play music from an early age, which is a good thing, but I only really got interested when I gave up killing songs with a violin and started playing the drums when I was about ten. “After a couple of years I also started learning the guitar and piano, mostly by taking some theory from school and using YouTube to learn how to play my favourite songs.

“At about the same time I started writing my own songs and now have loads of scraps of paper with half-verses and choruses on.”

James takes inspiration from a wide range of artists including Stevie Wonder, Jamie Foxx, Ben Howard and Muse and he is also influenced by various genres from classical to heavy rock.

But the combination of his trendy but laid back attire on the cover photo for She’s The One and the style of the song itself will draw comparisons to Brit Award winner Ed Sheeran.

James said: “My main ambition is to be a performer and if people are interested in hearing me they can find me and my band , North 12, on YouTube.”

James appeared on Touch FM radio this week and will be playing gigs, including the Warwick School fete on Sunday July 8, to promote his single.

Search for James Tw on iTunes or YouTube.