Juice, pigs and stories as apples are celebrated

APPLES were the star of the show at Chedhams Yard in Wellesbourne, which dedicated a day to celebrating the fruit.

The restored Edwardian wheelwrights and blacksmiths organised apple-related activities for families – including creating ‘apple pigs’ and storytelling and musical sessions themed around the fruit.

Members of environmental group Transition Towns Stratford brought along their apple press so people could see how apples are mulched and then taste the resulting fresh juice, while the group also presented a range of other products members have made from the apples.

Emma Banks, heritage project officer at Chedhams Yard, said: “Everyone had a good time. It went really well, so we will definitely do it again next year.

“It was a bad year for apples, so we’re pleased the day was so successful.”

Chedhams Yard is now closed for the winter, except for a Christmas event on December 15. To find out more about the site and to book places for the Christmas event, visit www.chedhamsyard.org.uk

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