Kenilworth father needs £65,000 for urgent cancer treatment

The family and friends of a Kenilworth father who needs urgent treatment for a complex form of cancer are hoping to raise thousands of pounds to potentially save his life.

Carl Smith (left) with friend Riccardo Scimeca (right) at the Soccer 8s football tournament held in June. Carl needs 65,000 for potentially lifesaving cancer treatment.

Carl Smith, 45, has a type of cancer called paraganglioma, which he has lived with for more than two years.

Surgeons tried to operate on Carl to remove the one of his kidneys and 60 per cent of lis liver, but when they saw the cancer was more widespread than first though, they decided not to proceed.

His wife Leanne, as well as his family and friends, are now hoping to raise £65,000 to help pay for treatments not covered by the NHS, such as immunotherapy and ‘chemo thermia’.

Carl’s friend Caroline Quirke said: “As someone who has witnessed Carl and Leanne’s bravery, courage and resiliency first-hand, I know this family are truly deserving of help and support and hope that the generosity and understanding of others will help this amazing individual spend more quality time with his family.”

Carl’s family is no stranger to cancer.

As previously reported in the KWN, his younger brother Daniel died from the disease in April 2016 aged just 24, which inspired Carl and his friends Riccardo Scimeca to set up a ‘Soccer 8s’ charity football tournament in his memory back in June.

The money raised by the tournament - almost four times more than what was expected - went towards a young person living with cancer.

Carl’s father Earl also died from cancer, and his daughter Ellie was also found with a tumour after she was found to have a mutated version of the SDHB gene, which increases cancer risk. She has since been given the all-clear.

Anyone wishing to donate to help Carl should click here