Kenilworth newsagents boss stands up to robbers - and wins

Windy Arbour News in Moseley Road. Copyright: Google Street ViewWindy Arbour News in Moseley Road. Copyright: Google Street View
Windy Arbour News in Moseley Road. Copyright: Google Street View
The manager of a Kenilworth newsagents has described how he stood up to a knife-wielding robber and his accomplice when they demanded money from his shop this week.

Carl Key, who has been running Windy Arbour News in Moseley Road for the last 26 years, sustained a cut to his right hand in the struggle on Monday May 15, but his intervention was enough to make the pair flee empty-handed.

Carl insisted he was not scared by the two men who entered the shop at around 12.20pm, and said he acted on instinct when he saw one was holding a knife.

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He said: “Two lads ran in who were hooded with scarves round their faces.

“When the one lad came in he just shouted something, and when I looked up and saw the knife in his hand I just grabbed his arm - he was right next to me.

“He was having to struggle, and I shouted to my wife to phone the police. After that, they just ran away.”

But despite the shock of the attempted robbery, which Carl had not experienced once in his 26 years at the post office, he said his hand was fine and decided to carry on working the next day.

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He added: “I was happy to get on with it - you have to really.”

The police are still investigating the robbery, along with another that happened later on the same day in Kenilworth.

The second robbery happened in Domino’s pizza takeaway in Leyes Lane at 11.45pm. Two men entered the premises carrying weapons, believed to be a knife and a hammer, demanding staff to tell them where the safe is kept.

Staff ran to a local premises to raise the alarm, and upon returning they found IT equipment had been taken.

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Detective Inspector Tim Sharp said: “A full investigation is underway to establish if these incidents are connected. The common theme is that the offenders are believed to be two white men in their late teens and early 20s, wearing dark clothing.

“We understand that this will be worrying to the public and I would reassure you that we are doing all we can to identify those involved and bring them to justice.”

Anyone with any information about the robberies should call 101, quoting incident number 154 of May 15 for the post office robbery, or number 1 of May 16 for the Domino’s robbery.

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