Kenilworth Rotary Club recognised for charitable work at House of Lords

The president of Kenilworth Rotary Club, John Kelley, visited the House of Lords to mark its close involvement with charity World Child Cancer.
John Kelley presents a plaque to Anu VediJohn Kelley presents a plaque to Anu Vedi
John Kelley presents a plaque to Anu Vedi

The club has donated £4,500 to fund the charity’s work in Cameroon, where the charity provides palliative care to children who are suffering from cancer there.

Mr Kelley presented the chairman of World Child Cancer, Anu Vedi, with a plaque donated by Rotarian John Stanton to be displayed in Cameroon.

Mr Kelley said: “To say that they are greatly appreciative is no overstatement.”

The charity works to improve the lives and survival chances of child cancer victims in low income countries, where the survival rate is about five per cent compared with 80 per cent in developed countries.

The club will receive a visit from a representative of World Child Cancer in February, and anyone interested in the club or the charity is invited to get in touch by emailing [email protected].

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