Kenilworth Station's opening delay 'not our fault', Department for Transport claims

The Department for Transport has insisted the delay to Kenilworth Station's opening is not its fault after Warwickshire County Council blamed it for the hold-up.
A train passing through Kenilworth Station. Photo: Fraser PithieA train passing through Kenilworth Station. Photo: Fraser Pithie
A train passing through Kenilworth Station. Photo: Fraser Pithie

While the construction of the £13.6 million station is now complete, a train for the service will not be available until February.

And the county council's joint managing director Monica Fogarty laid the blame with the DfT in a statement yesterday.A DfT spokesman said: "After many months of working in partnership with Warwickshire County Council, it is extremely disappointing that they are attempting to blame a further delay to the opening of Kenilworth station on the Department for Transport.

“The station was originally supposed to open many months ago, and the council and its contractors again appear to have failed to meet a revised delivery date to get the station ready for service.

“As the sponsor, it is the council’s responsibility to obtain industry agreement from Network Rail, the train operator and the ORR to enable the service to start operation - which it has been unable to achieve.

"We understand from these parties that there are a number of issues that remain outstanding such as quality sign-off, regulatory approvals and safety assessments of the station and industry agreement of the proposed train timetable.

“The Department’s responsibility was to contract with the train operator that a service will start when the station is finished and relevant industry permissions have been granted, which it has done.

“Despite the Council’s statement, the Department remains committed to assisting it and industry parties to deliver this project.”