Kites Nest Lane saga moves to High Court

Gypsy families who have been illegally living on green belt land near Hatton for almost three years will be forced off the site if a High Court order is granted.

Warwick District Council has applied for an injunction from the High Court in Birmingham to order the group of Romani Gypsies to leave the plot of land off Kites Nest Lane in Beausale that they settled on in May 2010.

The families have already been issued a notice by the council to leave and an appeal they lodged against the council’s decision to refuse them planning permission to settle there was rejected.

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A hearing where a decision on the injunction will be made will take place at the High Court on April 23 and April 24.

If successful, the Gypsies will be forced to leave and restore the land to its previous condition as a field within a timescale determined by the court.

A public inquiry that took place in January and May 2011 led to a Government inspector concluding that the eight families were lawfully required to leave the site within a year, but they have continued to live there.