Leamington councillor calls for Warwickshire pupils to join climate change protest

Cllr Jonathan ChilversCllr Jonathan Chilvers
Cllr Jonathan Chilvers
Leamington Green Party county councillor Jonathan Chilvers has called on secondary school students in Warwickshire to miss school this Friday to make their voice heard on the climate crisis.

He is urging them to take part in the Youth4Climate movement's protest in Henley Street, Stratford, from 11am on Friday (February 15).

Cllr Chilvers said: "We have 12 years to address a climate catastrophe that will affect young people the most.

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"The government are being wantonly irresponsible by not acting like we face emergency.

"I call on secondary school and sixth form students to miss school on Friday and spend the time protesting and meeting or writing to their MP and councillors to demand action for their future.”

The Youth4Climate movement was started by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg who refused to go to school 'while the facts she got taught were being ignored by politicians'.

She addressed the UN conference on climate change in November last year and the Youth4Climate movement has grown around the world.

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There are currently protests planned in 38 towns and cities around the UK.

She: “What is the point in going to school for a future that the world's leaders do nothing to protect? To learn scientific facts that the world's leaders do their best to ignore?"

For more information follow @strike4youth on Twitter