Leamington entrepreneur to launch competitive gaming leagues

Ben Bagg is set to launch online gaming leagues.Ben Bagg is set to launch online gaming leagues.
Ben Bagg is set to launch online gaming leagues.
A 24-year-old man from Leamington has made it to the final of a regional business competition with his idea to set up competitive video gaming leagues.

Ben Bagg, who is a passionate gamer and full-time salesman, is launching a company called Pop Up Esports Limited that will enable UK gamers to play each other in leagues for money.

Professional video gaming competitions, known as eSports, are popular in America and regularly sell out arenas with fans eager to watch the country’s best gamers go head-to-head.

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The gaming trend is now starting to take off in the UK, and Mr Bagg believes it is only a matter of time before more people take up professional gaming. He said: “Gaming is fast becoming the biggest industry on the planet. It’s taking over the movie industry and everybody is now growing up with a console or a PC.

“eSports isn’t as big in the UK, there are only two or three leagues at the moment, so we want to introduce another one to add more consistency to the industry over here because leagues typically only last for eight weeks due to funding.

“What we’re also looking to do differently is educate parents and children about responsible video gaming.

“They can’t just sit there playing video games all day. You do need to eat healthily, exercise and give your mind a break.

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“I gained a lot of social skills playing online gaming and it helped to develop my confidence. Some games have built in puzzles so you have to problem solve which develops logical thinking – one of the most important skills anybody can have.”

Mr Bagg’s business idea is currently at the funding stage, and has been shortlisted alongside two other businesses at Baldwins Accountants’ KickStart Awards.

The awards are being held in Birmingham on November 10 and the winner will be presented with a £10,000 grant along with £10,000 worth of mentoring and accountancy advice from Baldwins Accountants.