Leamington fire update: How the site looks now - as businesses near the fire return to work

The last remaining road closure is also set to be lifted

Businesses in Leamington near the site of the major fire have started returning to work today (Thursday).

And the last remaining road closure (Hermes Close) is set to be lifted - but the fire site itself is still not safe for firefighters to access.

These photos (by Allan Jennings) attached to this article show how the site looks now.

How the site of the fire looks now, days after the blaze. Photo by Allan Jennings.

Emergency services are still looking for the missing man and police officers are supporting his family.

It is expected to be a number of days before any further investigations can get underway - and those investigations could then take a number of weeks to complete.

Warwickshire Police said: "Warwickshire Fire Service has now confirmed that it is safe for the last remaining road closure in the area (Hermes Close) to be lifted. Businesses in the immediate area that were still closed yesterday are able to return to work this morning.

"Public areas around the road have been cleared of debris, and the firms have been advised on clearing up private spaces.

How the site of the fire looks now, days after the blaze. Photo by Allan Jennings.

"All of the agencies involved in the response to the fire would like to once again thank everyone for their co-operation and patience.

"It is still not safe for anyone to access the building itself, but planning is underway for the complex investigation that will begin as soon as that situation changes. There is no update at this time regarding the person unaccounted for."

Jordan St Germain, director of operations at Jump In trampoline arena near the fire site, led the evacuation of people from his business last Friday, and said he is happy to be reopening again.

"Following the recent fire at Leeson Polyurethanes, our thoughts and best wishes go out to the affected employees and in particular to the family of the missing person" he said.

How the site of the fire looks now, days after the blaze. Photo by Allan Jennings.

"We are fortunate in that our site team acted quickly to safely evacuate our premises in accordance with our standard procedures, and we were able to re-purpose our supply of Covid facemasks to help protect customers from particulate inhalation during the evacuation.

"At this time we are happy to be open again and would like to thank the police, fire department and all other service branches for the work they have put into allowing this to happen."

How the fire looked on Friday morning (Photo by Kay Haycock).