Leamington named one of UK's fastest growing business hubs

Leamington has emerged as one of the UK's fastest growing business hubs.

Research by Trainline for Business, which spans over the last four years, indicates that the town is one of the fastest growing hubs in the country for entrepreneurs and growing enterprises.

Trainline for Business provides rail bookings for corporations, small and medium business and travel management companies.

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During the four-year study, the company found that business travel by small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) has increased by 121 per cent on the rail route between Leamington Spa and London.

The increase in business travel for SMEs offers potential benefits for Leamington’s range of gaming and other high-growth companies.

The Trainline’s data reveals that the Leamington-based businesses are capitalising on the increased mobility and interconnectivity between locations in the UK.

Paul Miles Rogers, chairman of the Warwickshire & Coventry region of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said: “It’s great to see Leamington named as the UK’s fast-growing hub in the country for entrepreneurs and enterprises.

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“Over the past few years we have seen partners in Coventry and Warwickshire coming together to support start-ups and help businesses prosper, so it’s exciting to see it is having an impact on the economy.

“The FSB is committed to helping new businesses grow and that’s why we offer a range of practical benefits that help them save time and 

“We have a particular emphasis on supporting women in business and have recently partnered with the Woman Who…Network to organise events that inspire, celebrate and hear about the achievements of other local women in business.”

According to Dr Alasdair Rae, senior lecturer in urban studies and planning at the University of Sheffield, who verified the Trainline for Business data, the growth in travel to and from these destinations suggests a growing appetite for SMEs to be based outside of London.

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He said: “Trainline’s 
data on rail business travel provides a compelling and timely insight into the geography of SMEs across the 

“It’s clear that something significant is happening in terms of the growing number of SMEs choosing to do business outside London.

“With cheaper rents, quick access to the capital and highly skilled local labour markets, many SMEs appear to be taking advantage of key cities across the UK, with Leamington Spa proving particularly popular.

“Yes, the capital remains the brightest star in the UK economy, but there is a constellation of smaller towns and cities upon which our economy also