Leamington store stint for baking siblings

A money-making cookie baking scheme to secure a trip to Disneyland Paris has turned into a true business venture for a pair of pint-sized entrepreneurs.
Zac and Bailey Rees.Zac and Bailey Rees.
Zac and Bailey Rees.

Two years after siblings Bailey and Zac Rees knocked up some biscuits to sell as a holiday fund boost they have taken the idea and launched their own premium snack range.

Using free range eggs and traditionally milled flour, the sweet treats, under the brand Wicked Cookies, have become so popular bosses at Leamington landmark store House of Fraser has invited them to showcase them this Saturday, April 28.

Initially inspired by a treasure hunt story which ended with freshly baked cookies, Bailey, aged nine, and Zac, aged seven, have now roped in parents Sally and Giles and are also looking for new sales staff.

The local family business is booming, garnering five star reviews, offering more than 20 flavours and even including vegan/dairy free types and a new gluten free variety.

Mum Sally said: “We are so proud they followed through with their idea and that we have been here to help and support them. We never planned to start a cookie business but we all love it and the life skills it is teaching the children are priceless.

“House of Fraser are starting to feature unique, local businesses in store. They found out about us and asked if we wanted to showcase our cookies. It’s fantastic as we have lots of customers in Leamington and it’s the perfect time to launch our gluten free cookie.”

Wicked Cookies will be inside House of Fraser, on the Parade in Leamington on Saturday, April 28 from 4pm to 7pm.