Leamington stroke victim Jan defies the doctors and drives again

LESS than a year after suffering from a stroke that left her in hospital for three months, a Leamington woman is on the road again.

Mother-of-four Jan Morgan was told by doctors that she would probably never be able to drive again after suffering the stroke in September.

But after hearing about Sydenham company BR Mobility, which can adapt vehicles to make them suitable for disabled people and those with other conditions, and Leamington firm The Driving Consultancy, which offers driving lessons to help such people, the 51-year-old realised that this was not necessarily true.

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After picking up her newly-adapted Golf - which allows her to drive one-handed - Mrs Morgan said: “Being able to drive means I can go places to do more walking, get to the hospital without help and go to the gym to help with my rehabilitation.

“I have also been able to meet my daughter at school like a proper mum. It’s going to have huge implications for me.

“I have a long way to go to recovery but I have also come a long way.”

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