Learn about living life on water at Crick Boat Show

Learn about budget boating at Crick Boat Show.Learn about budget boating at Crick Boat Show.
Learn about budget boating at Crick Boat Show.
People who dream about life on the water can find out how to make it a reality at this year's Crick Boat Show.

Marina operator BWML will be showcasing a glass reinforced boat in a Budget Boating feature at the event, which takes place from May 27-29, demonstrating a cheaper alternative to narrowboats for cruising the canals.

Nick Corble and Allan Ford have put together a ‘Beginner’s Guide To Living on the Waterways’.

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Nick, 58, first took to the water in 1999 after his parents died and he found himself between jobs.

“I bought a boat in Skipton and then brought it down to Oxford and proceeded to live on it with my wife, Annette, for half of the year, while keeping a house for the winter.”

Corble paid £15,000 for his first ex-hire boat. Today, a 30ft long secondhand vessel is around £20,000, and £30,000 for a 70ft narrowboat.

However, buying a boat is only the start – finding a place to keep it is more of an issue and it’s advisable to secure a mooring before you buy a boat.

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Nearly all the mooring places along towpaths are short-term, meaning a boat can’t stay for more than a few weeks. And continuous cruising regulations do not allow you to shuffle between nearby short-term moorings.

If you shop around, you could find a long-term mooring, which allows access for a year at a time. The terms and costs of these vary with the amenities provided and the desirability of the location.

Living on a marina is a different ball game altogether. Some of these mini communities have CCTV security, a clubhouse, laundry and a vibrant social scene.

Prices for a mooring will reflect those in the surrounding area and may be high: between £3,000 and £9,000 a year for parts of London.

Find out more at Crick Boat Show, open from 10am till 6pm every day except Monday, May 29, when it closes at 5pm.

Visit www.crickboatshow.com or call 01283 742970.