Looking for baby clothes and toys? NCT's Nearly New Sale will take place in Warwick this weekend

The next NCT Warwickshire Central’s Nearly New Sale will take place in Warwick this weekend.

NCT volunteers
NCT volunteers

Parents can pick up clothing, toys and baby necessities at the upcoming event on Saturday November 12 at Myton School, starting at 12pm.

Profits from the maternity, baby and children’s products sold at NCT sales go back into the community to help the team of volunteers carry out their work.

Branch coordinator Daniella Abraham said: “ We’re really excited that Councillor Birdi, Mayor of Warwick, will be attending the sale to officially open it to local parents.

"Coming to one of our Nearly New Sales is a triple whammy - parents get pre-loved baby bargains, support a parent who is selling items and they help to fund our services for other parents too.”

“This means we can run groups such as our breastfeeding sessions, Walk & Talks, hiring libraries and parent socials where local parents get together and support each other. Socialising in this way can be beneficial by reducing the social isolation some new parents feel and helping them become more confident parents.

“We’re also keen to do more work on our baby bundles which are packs of clothing or accessories given to local parents via referrals from health visitors, food banks and other professional agencies."

Nearly New Sales are open to everyone, not just NCT members, and there are over 600 held annually in the UK. For more information, go to www.nct.org.uk/nns