Lumbered with clearing up

HIGH winds toppled trees around Warwickshire last week as storms buffeted the UK.

This prunus tree in Christchurch Gardens came crashing down late on Wednesday afternoon after two days of rain and gusty weather.

Tree surgeon Ian Russell of Glendale Countryside said his team had been called to around 25 fallen trees and branches in Warwick district - but fortunately none had caused injury or significant damage to property.

One 50-year-old poplar tree in Greville Road fell in the one direction anyone felling it would intend it to. Another near Warwick fire station fell so the tips of its branches only brushed against the side of cars.

Mr Russell said workers would be clearing fallen trunks and branches and making trees safe until the middle of this week at the earliest.

He added: “We’ve been lucky - we’ve had a lot of near misses.”

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