Major road closure to continue all month

Gibbet Hill will remain closed until the end of October in hope of completing the major road works more quickly.

Coventry City Council and the University of Warwick has closed off the road to instal new access and roundabouts.

Despite work on the northbound side of the road now being complete, the entire route and footpaths will stay closed until the rest is finished - despite earlier plans to reopen the road in one direction.

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The council said the decision was considered “very carefully” after three weeks of closely monitoring traffic.

Cllr Rachel Lancaster from the city council said: “I’m sorry that we won’t be opening the road in one direction.

“We initially thought this would be needed when students returned but in fact the delay and disruption hasn’t been as bad as predicted.

“We have been and will continue to monitor this carefully and if it gets beyond an acceptable level we will look again to open the road.”

The transport improvement work in this area are funded by the Department for Transport and the University of Warwick and will be undertaken in four phases from June until summer 2015.